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1Win app: Support and Help with Gambling Addiction

 Learn how to gamble responsibly and how to find out signs of addiction from betting. Check useful tips and places where you can find help. 

Betting and Addiction Recovery 1Win: Finding Support and Help

One of the key goals of 1win app is to provide a fair and responsible gaming environment for betting on sports and casino games for all users who passed through the 1Win app download, so that they will get not only extra profit, but also positive emotions and have a good time. The 1win app India strives to ensure that users do not suffer from gambling addiction and gamble responsibly with real money.  

On this page you will find useful tips on how to maintain control while betting, signs that may indicate gambling addiction, as well as know where you can find support and help. 

Responsible Gaming on 1win app: Main Points 

A responsible attitude towards betting or gambling for real money has always been promoted in the 1win apk, as some gamblers have problems with self-control and become addicted to it. Every bettor should remember that results in gambling are always unpredictable and most of them depend on luck, so it should not be seen as a stable source of income. If you forget this, you may lose control of your betting and your budget, which can lead to negative outcomes. 

Signs of Problems with Gambling

Sometimes there are situations when players don’t even realize they have become addicted to gambling and lost responsibility for their actions and the way they spend money. In the worst cases some of them even got into debt or ruined relationships with people around them. Therefore, 1win bet app compiled a list of signs that may indicate the presence of problems with betting:

  • You view  gambling  as a way to make money quickly and easily;
  • You spend on betting more than you can afford so your well-being has declined;
  • You borrow money from your friends or family to play casino games and bet on sports;
  • You are in debts;
  • You lose control of your time and can bet all day long;
  • You have an emotional compulsion to win back immediately after losing a bet;
  • Your relationship with others has deteriorated;
  • You don’t tell anyone about your addiction to betting and try to keep it in a secret;
  • You cannot imagine your life without gambling and feel dissatisfied if you do not have the opportunity to bet.

How to Maintain Control while Gambling?  

Users 1 win apk should always remember to be cautious and not to give in to excessive excitement and make rash bets.

To avoid this, remember the following points:

  • Betting on sports and casino games is a way to relax and have fun, not a way to make money;
  • Don’t bet on emotion. If you lose a bet, don’t give in to the urge to win back, the same applies to winning;
  • Don’t make a deposit if you need that money for a more necessary expense;
  • Always monitor how much time and money you spend on the game;
  • Keep track of how often you place bets. 

Most 1win players already have the right approach to gambling and take it seriously.

Tips for Playing Responsibly

Tips provided below can help you to prevent gambling addiction and control your actions while betting:

  • Place bets while you are emotionally stable;
  • Set a time and budget limits for betting;
  • Always be prepared for any outcome, both good and bad; 
  • Don’t borrow money to make bets; 
  • Control your gambling income and expenses.

Places to Find Support and Help

In cases where you find any signs that you are becoming addicted to betting, don’t panic as there is someone to help you. 

First of all, you can contact customer support and ask them to freeze your account for a while so that you don’t bet. Then, you can tell your family and friends about the problem and ask them to help you. If you don’t want your environment to know about it, then you can look for anonymous and open groups or chat rooms online or offline, join support groups, enroll in a psychologist, contact special institutions or organizations, etc.

You can also try to help yourself, for example, you can find a new hobby, make new friends and spend time with them, etc.


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